About Pay It Forward

pay it forwardMy name is Lea Beven, the slot terbaru vfounder of the Pay It Forward UK project.

The idea of ‘Pay It Forward’ is that you can pay in advance for someone else’s meal / hot drink so that someone who is in need – whether they are down on their luck, lost their purse, out of work or even homeless then they can access a meal, ad drink and some comfort for a while. Anyone can use this website to search for their nearest participating venue! Any cafe’s / takeaway places can register with us by completing the form in the main menu.

No-one should be without the basics of food, shelter and warmth.

This was me in early 2013:

A single mum, I was struggling to find the money to feed my son in the 9 weeks between the end of my maternity pay, and my new job starting. Because I had been self employed and lost my paperwork, I was not able to claim Income Support easily. I had to use the food bank and could not really afford the electric to cook …..

…anyone can pay it forward:

I had many hard times bringing up my 4 children but am doing ok now, so when I am in my local chip shop on a Friday, we always pay for one extra meal and write a sticky note for the wall. Then someone who is in need can get a hot meal and a cup of tea.

You can watch this video of my inspiration here – Mason Wartman in Philadelphia.